Eagley Junior School

An expert in anything was once a beginner

Call us on: 01204 333 708
Off Chapeltown Road, Bromley Cross,
Bolton, BL7 9AT

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Eagley Junior School (An Academy School)

Headteacher: Mrs K Wilkinson, B.Ed. M.Sc.

Company Number 07986218

Off Chapeltown Road,
Bromley Cross,

For enquiries, please contact our school office:-

  • 01204 333708

  • office@eagley-junior.bolton.sch.uk

How to contact us
The school office is open from 8:30 am until 4:15 pm. Please feel free to call in at any time, although just before and after school are likely to be busy times.

If you just want to leave a letter or a note, there is a drop-box in the reception area. Alternatively, you might want to email us.

Telephone messages
If you want to report your child’s absence, please try to phone between 8:30 and 9:15 am before the registers close.

For other messages, it would be helpful to phone after 9:30 am.

Non-urgent messages
Office staff are not usually able to leave the office immediately to deliver messages to staff or children. It helps us if you tell children the arrangements for picking up after school, dentists appointments, school clubs etc. before they come to school.

Talking to teachers
Teachers, including the headteacher, are usually available to have a quick word just before or after school. If your conversation is likely to take some time, or is of a confidential nature, it may be best to phone and make an appointment.

We have parent drop-ins immediately after school on the last Thursday of every month. These are not mini-parents evenings, but an opportunity to have an informal chat with your child’s teacher about things that might be troubling them, or that they are very proud of, or that they might need help with.