Eagley Junior School

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School Uniform

All children are expected to wear clothes in our school uniform colours.

Those items which have the school logo on can be obtained from Tesco online, tesco.com/ues; or Customkit on Waters Meeting Road. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please contact the school office.


The uniform is as follows:

● Black trousers / skirt

● White or navy polo shirt / white shirt / white blouse.

● Jade sweatshirt / cardigan ● Sensible black shoes

● Summer: blue & white dress / short black or dark grey school trousers


P.E. kit

● Yellow polo shirt

● Black shorts or cycling shorts

● Black P.E. pumps (indoor work)

● Trainers (outdoor work)

● Black sweatshirt and/or jogging pants for outdoors (optional)

Please mark all your child’s clothes with his/her name.


These things are not allowed

● trousers which trail on the floor

● very short skirts

● jeans, cords, tracksuits or jogging pants

● hoodies ● trainers or hard boots

● shoes with high heels, sling backs or open toes

● ballerina-type shoes.

● make-up or nail varnish.

● jewellery apart from a sensible watch and small stud earrings. For health & safety reasons, earrings must be removed during P.E. lessons, so it is a good idea to send a small box to keep them safe. If children are having their ears pierced, please do this at the start of the summer holidays so the holes have time to heal. Otherwise children may not be able to take an active part in P.E. lessons.

Boys and girls with longer hair are expected to keep it tied back at all times. As well as being a health & safety issue during P.E., swimming, cooking and some technology lessons, it is our only weapon against the spread of head lice!

Mobile phones and personal stereos are not allowed in school. If these items are found they will be locked safely in the school office until an adult comes to collect them. Children are able to make emergency calls from the school office.