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Physical Education

Eagley Juniors has an excellent reputation for commitment to sports, and physical education in general. We have a dedicated sports coach who organises competitions and tournaments with other local schools and co-ordinates our school sports activities. Although most school competitions, both locally and nationally, are aimed at children in Years 5 and 6, we do our best to take advantage of any opportunities for younger children to take part in competitions.

We do our best to ensure that children get two sessions of physical activity every week, although the vagaries of the weather sometimes prevent this from happening. Ideally, children get one indoor and one outdoor lesson. In some year groups, the outdoor lesson takes the form of a Forest Schools session. In Year 5, one session each week during the summer term is replaced by a swimming lesson. Occasionally, there are more strenuous one-off activities such as kayaking or long-distance walks.

We run a year-round programme of after-school clubs and teams which change from year to year according to the availability of leaders and coaches. These generally include football, tag rugby, tennis, multisports, kwik cricket, cross country, indoor athletics, dance and High Fives. Some are open to anyone; others are open to children in the year groups who are eligible to take part in the competitions.

Residential activity trips take place in Year 5 and Year 6. Currently, Year 5 attend a 3-day visit to the outdoor education centre at Robin Wood in Todmorden. Year 6 spend 4 days based at the Youth Hostel in Whitby. These visits are partially funded by the school.